James Sapp

Date created: 5/22/2019 Last updated: 5/22/2019

Clergy Delegation Interest Form

First Name Last Name Email
James Sapp jsapp@tfumc.org
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Thomasville FUMC
Appointments Served
Langston 1991,Sparks UMC 1995 to1999 , Blackshear FUMC1999-2001,Avalon UMC 2001-220, Dawson UMC 2002-2206, Bemiss UMC 2006-2008,Camilla UMC 2008-2012, Wilmington Island UMC 2012-2017, Thomasville FUMC 2017 to presen

List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
Conference Board Ordained Ministry 2012 to 2019, Conference Missions Committee, Clergy and Dicanical School Task force,

This statement (300 words or less) could include qualifications, convictions, thoughts on issues, concerns, etc.

I support the traditional meaning of marriage. I regret that we have come to the point where it appears we will have two or three denominations emerge from the UMC. This will mean there will be many decisions that will need to be made at General Conference in 2020, related to these new denominations. I believe that I can work with other delegates to insure the best outcome possible. I do plan to be a part of the South Georgia Conference well past 2024 and want to work to see that the conference continues to be a viable part of the Greater Church. The primacy of Scripture is very important to all we do in our Church structure and daily work as Clergy and Laity. The church is inclusive, all are welcome, but some behaviors are deemed to be inappropriate for an active Christian. This entails many different sins but we need to strive for a pure and Holy life and work to remove these sins. The current Disciple sets a very clear statement of our beliefs on human sexuality and I support these standards. With regard to electing Bishops, I believe they should be strong leaders and have demonstrated love for the Church. If they are running for Bishop the Churches they have pastored should be in better shape after they left than when they received them. Bishops are to be leaders who lead the Church in growth, both numerical and Spiritual. Part of this leadership translates to picking sound District Superintendents and making sound appointments. They set the tone for the conference they lead and Denomination as a whole. I believe to grow the USA church we need to focus on reaching new people by different means. For example the initiative to start new congregations is one means of reaching new people in a community. Also an existing Church getting involved in more ministries or different ministries in a community helps reach more people if we focus the ministry on outreach. That is using this ministry to build relations with new people. After all God is in the relationship business.

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