Wright Culpepper

Date created: 5/16/2019 Last updated: 5/16/2019

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First Name Last Name Email
Wright Culpepper Wright@FaithWorksMinistry.org
Main Contact Phone Number
(912) 506-7204
Current Appointment
FaithWorks/First United Methodist, Brunswick
Appointments Served
Lizella, Wesley United Methodist at Frederica, FaithWorks, First United Methodist of Brunswick
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
Board of Ordained Ministry, District Chair of Committee on Ministry, Coordinator of License to Preach School, Missions Committee with Connectional Ministries, Dean, Georgia Pastor’s School

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While I have always been centered (I don’t like labels like Centrist), I am deeply saddened that the UMC has divided over an issue rather than focusing on offering the love of Christ to all. It has been my privilege of ministering to people living in the margins and to bring people of diverse socio-economic, racial, religious, political, and age groups together to minister to the broken. There are no God forsaken people or places. The broken often minister to me.

Had I attended GC 2016, I would have voted for the One Church or the Simple Plan. I don’t believe the first question in heaven will be “how did you come down on that human sexuality thing?” If there is a question, it will be “Do you love me and did you feed my sheep?”

The church has always been theologically slow to embrace the scientific discoveries of the day. Scriptures were written from a world view that the world was flat. The church was slow to accept a new view of the universe. Today, Genetics tells us that human sexuality is something different than what we thought in the past. Each unique person is wonderfully made and the church can be a place for all.

My ultimate hope is that the denomination will not divide. That will be a terrible witness. My belief is that the emerging church which focuses on love, mercy and grace will become the prevailing church for generations to come. I will work for that.

Additionally, good stewardship of resources will be necessary whether we divide or stay united. Reorganization will be difficult, but we must not lose sight of the local church’s mission to offer Christ to the many diverse people and communities of the world.

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