Jim Cowart

Date created: 5/13/2019 Last updated: 5/13/2019

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Jim Cowart jim@harvestchurch4u.org
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Harvest UMC
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Dublin First UMC (Assoc)
Harvest UMC
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Hey Friends, Jim Cowart here. I love the South Georgia Conference and our Wesleyan roots and I would like to represent you as a delegate to General Conference 2020.

GC 2020 will be a pivotal event. This is a crucial time for us to be decisive and strategic as we forge a path for our church and the generations to follow. Having served as a delegate in 2012, 2016 and 2019 to General Conference and having friends in Methodism around the world, I believe I can help lead us through this challenging time.

While I am solidly in the Traditional Camp, I have friends with differing positions and we’ve found ways to “disagree without becoming disagreeable”. We hold strongly to what we believe while still treating each other with respect.

If we are to accomplish anything of substance at GC 2020, I think it will be because key leaders choose to talk to one another and resist political posturing and maneuvering.

I want to help South Georgia move forward and become a leader in Methodism, growing through reaching new people for Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your consideration and vote.

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