Brett Maddocks

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Brett Maddocks
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St. Luke Church - Columbus
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Lambert’s Chapel UMC (Kentucky AC) 2005-2009
St. Luke UMC 2009-
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Undocumented Neighbors Taskforce (Chair)

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Grace and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I have been an elder in the South Georgia Conference since 2012 and serving on staff at St. Luke Church in Columbus since 2009. I believe that in the practice of ministry, as in life, that openness and honesty is best. This is true in our leadership practices and theological convictions. That being stated, I support the traditional and orthodox understanding of marriage and ordination. I also support an amicable separation of the United Methodist Church because of the impasse that we have reached in our stances on human sexuality.

Much has been written about the harm that is being done on both sides of the theological divide over this stalemate. We are constantly reminded of Wesley’s rule, “Do no harm.” I agree with this rule. I believe we are doing great harm to each other maintaining the appearance of unity while not having the substance thereof.

I will go to General Conference 2020 as a proponent of peaceably separating into different self-governing bodies. We must go into General Conference 2020 with bold and creative ideas for emerging ministry that will meet the challenges of the 21st Century. I believe this means that we must let go of denominational structures that hinders us.

I will also go to General Conference 2020 as an advocate of adding the Nicene Creed to our doctrinal standards. Being a truly global church is a strength of ours. We also need to be a truly historic church that understands that our historical foundations were not set just in the 16th century. It is my conviction that many of the issues we are having today stem from a loss of memory of all of our history.

Thank you for your consideration.

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