Carrie Myers

Date created: 5/28/2019 Last updated: 5/28/2019

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Carrie Myers
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Ashburn First/Sycamore Circuit
Appointments Served
Chicopee UMC, Attapulgus UMC, Albany First UMC, Associate, Hand Memorial UMC, Ashburn First/Sycamore Circuit
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
District Leadership team, District Board of Missions Chair, CF&A, Georgia Pastors School, Secretary, District team for Assessment of Local Church Potential task force Chair

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My fervent prayer for the UMC is that the people called Methodist will experience a movement of travailing prayer leading to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in the next Great Awakening. It is through Holy Conferencing that the UMC finds itself part of the global Wesleyan movement that has called and led many to salvation faith in Jesus and forms us in community by the power of the Holy Spirit leading us to holiness of life and heart.

I support the Book of Discipline’s current wording and believe all are of sacred value and worth. The local church is a place where the hope, love and redemption offered by Jesus can be found and all are welcome to worship, serve, and participate.

Understanding the impasse and deep division on human sexuality, it is my prayer and expectation that General Conference will work diligently, prayerfully, and respectfully to find ways local churches and clergy, who find themselves unable to uphold the Discipline, can separate from the UMC and serve as they feel led.

As the Spiritual Leaders of the Annual Conference, Bishops should lead in word and deed and uphold the Book of Discipline by prayerfully leading the Cabinet in making appointments, supporting and offering wise counsel to the clergy and laity in the local church.

I come from a long line of those who have upheld the Methodist faith tradition as my grandfather and father served as Methodist pastors. Having been a RN, high school teacher, and now a pastor serving a local church, I have experienced the importance of relating to diverse people groups. I have served on District and Conference committees offering insight in problem solving, reconciliation, and effective communication, including the District Leadership Team, District Missions Chair, Pastors’ School Secretary, and CF&A.

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