Scott Hagan

Date created: 5/18/2019 Last updated: 5/18/2019

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Scott Hagan
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Fayetteville First (Associate), Albany First (Associate), Waverly Hall/Ellerslie, Epworth (Columbus), Bonaire
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
BOM Registrar, RIM Mentor, Conference Outreach Team, Secretary for Elections & AC Planning Committee

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Despite the hurt that has marked the recent gatherings of our United Methodist Church, I am hopeful and confident. My hope is in Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church. I have witnessed God at work through the women and men of the Church I’ve served alongside: through ordained ministry, local churches, and countless others I call friends. My confidence is found, in part, from the joy of serving here in a local church that is growing and reaching people.

As for 2020, there is much to do in helping our churches thrive, stewarding our resources, reaching new people, and increasing oversight of our leaders. I have helped local churches and the annual conference in these areas over the past twenty years.

Serving as a delegate in 2016 and 2019 was humbling, eye-opening and has deepened my traditional understanding of the Scriptures. My intent is to maintain the current language of the Book of Discipline while also advocating for clear paths forward for those who wish to remain and for those who wish to depart. We should offer people freedom if choosing to remain within the bounds of our covenant feels like harm. The path ahead is not clear, but I trust God to be present with us.

One hundred years ago our great-grandmother started working in a local Methodist church in South Georgia, and we’ve had family serving churches ever since. Truly, the legacy of laypeople and clergy across our Conference is rich - let us continue to follow God's leading in order to avoid potential pitfalls and be counted faithful.

I am open to serving as a delegate in 2020 to help South Georgia move forward with hope and confidence.

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