Jimbo Dominey

Date created: 4/3/2019 Last updated: 5/12/2019

Clergy Delegation Interest Form

First Name Last Name Email
Jimbo Dominey jimbodominey@yahoo.com
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Andrew (7 years)
Appointments Served
1993 Sycamore; 1997 Wynnton, Associate; 2000 Dublin First, Associate; 2005 Piney Mount; 2012 Andrew
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
Never been called on to serve in the Conference or District but:
Served on Board of Directors of Sav-A-Life Ministries in Dublin
Served on the Board of Directors for Unto the Least of His Ministries
Past President of the Washington County Ministerial Association

This statement (300 words or less) could include qualifications, convictions, thoughts on issues, concerns, etc.

I grew up in McRae and my parents raised me and my five siblings in the Methodist Church. During my teen years I got caught up in a life of sin and poor choices. Our Heavenly Father helped me come to my senses and shortly after Glenda and I married we returned to church. Our wonderful church family welcomed us home and loved us back to life. We committed ourselves to serving the Lord in this denomination and we have watched and prayed as the culture has morally declined. Our only true hope is the Gospel and as Wesleyan/Methodist we need to stop all the bitter debate. We need to get back to the task of saving souls.
It is so sad to see the division in the UMC. We easily forget that our denomination is world wide. Too many GC delegates seem to base their decisions on the impact they believe it will have in their own conference without considering the impact it would have in places like Africa. I've been to Africa and plan to return this year. Our churches there would be forced to close their doors if the denomination ever changed the stance on marriage and sexual practice. It is past time to put an end to all the fighting.
I am a member of the WCA and agree with the statements of Faith, Biblical Authority and Moral Principles (https://wesleyancovenant.org/about-page/#1533314242168-c269fe11-86cb) I would support a simple plan that would allow for the two sides to form new Methodist denominations so we could all go about the work of making disciples. It would be an honor to serve as a delegate from South Georgia.

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