Ted Goshorn

Date created: 5/29/2019 Last updated: 5/29/2019

Clergy Delegation Interest Form

First Name Last Name Email
Ted Goshorn tgoshorn83@gmail.com
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Eastman First
Appointments Served
Baldwin County Circuit (Bethel, Pleasant Grove, & Linton), Vineville Associate, Reinhardt University Chaplain, Adairsville First (North Georgia), Eastman First
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
Clergy Coordinator, North Central District; Innovation Center Team; Candidacy Mentor

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The book of 3 John reveals a church embroiled in conflict. Diotrephes will not recognize the authority of The Elder, who writes this letter of reference for 1 John. Rather than focus their efforts on evangelism, mission, or discipleship, these two pastors are so focused on their conflict that they triangulate Gaius and the emissaries into it. Such is a distraction from the real focus of the church and such is the case for us today.

I am the primary author of last summer’s open letter, “Hope for South Georgia,” (hopeforsga.com). As such, my thoughts are well-known. I am for unity, for I see no biblical nor rational reason for division. Rather, I see conflict born of distrust and misunderstanding that threatens to pull apart the fabric of our denomination. The arguments no longer center around human sexuality but, rather, who has the power and how to best leverage it for a split. The resultant power structures triangulate the rest of us into the conflict, like Gaius and the emissaries, such that we all feel we must make a choice one way or the other.

That is a false dichotomy and not reason to separate. My current appointment demonstrates that differences of opinion on this topic need not create division. The church is traditionalist, I am progressive, but together we are doing vital ministry in Eastman and Dodge County.

As such, I will vote for unity so that we can focus our efforts on evangelism, mission, and discipleship, as the church is called to do. We as United Methodists are still capable of vital ministry. My prayer is that we maintain communion such that the Spirit, once again, makes us “one with Christ, one with each other, and one in ministry to all the world…” (UMH, 10)

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