J. Michael Culbreth

Date created: 5/29/2019 Last updated: 5/29/2019

Clergy Delegation Interest Form

First Name Last Name Email
J. Michael Culbreth pastorjmc89@gmail.com
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
ConneXion Church
Appointments Served
Flat Rock UMC, Lithonia, GA; Aldersgate UMC, Jackson, Ms; Asbury UMC, Holly Springs, Ms.; Grace UMC, Savannah, GA; Speedwell UMC, Savannah, GA; ConneXion Church, Savannah, GA
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
Coastal District Board of Ministry, South Georgia Board of Ministry, Annual Conference Planning and Worship Team

This statement (300 words or less) could include qualifications, convictions, thoughts on issues, concerns, etc.

My name is James Michael Culbreth. I have served as a full-time United Methodist pastor since 1991. It has been a blessing for me to serve as a United Methodist pastor. I appreciate the church’s structure and theology. I also appreciate the fact that we as United Methodist move periodically which allows us to serve congregations in various settings throughout the annual conference.

One of my primary concerns is the need for the United Methodist Church to focus more attention upon enhancing the racial diversity and attracting young people to our church. It saddens me that our church remains 90 percent white, 6 percent black and includes a smaller percentage of other minorities. While we live in an extremely diverse nation, the United Methodist Church does not represent our nation’s diversity. Further, I am saddened by the fact that many of our congregations claim only a small number of youth and young adults. If we are to be relevant in the future, the United Methodist Church must address these concerns about racial diversity and the lack of young people.

As for the issue of human sexuality, it is my hope that we can resolve this issue by striving to exist as a church where we can exist together despite our various opinions. Our witness as a church will be stronger if we present ourselves as a denomination open to various opinions and perspectives. None of us should tell those we disagree with that they are not welcome in the United Methodist Church. As Christians we should love and respect each other even if we disagree with each other.

In conclusion because I am committed to serving in the United Methodist, I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as a General Conference delegate.

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