Jimmy Asbell, Jr.

Date created: 5/30/2019 Last updated: 5/30/2019

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First Name Last Name Email
Jimmy Asbell, Jr. jasbell@vinevillemethodist.org
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Vineville United Methodist Church 2013-Present
Appointments Served
Warner Robins First United Methodist Church, 2003-2013
Wesley United Methodist Church, 1996-2003
Glenwood and Landsburg United Methodist Churches, 1991-1996
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
South Georgia S3 Project Convener 2010-Present
Clergy Coordinator for North Central District 2013-Present
Methodist Children's Home Foundation Board 2013-Present
Board of Ordained Ministry, 4 Quadrennium, currently Vice-Chair
District Committee on Ministry, 1997-Present
Associate Green Bough House of Prayer 1998- Present

Dean of South Georgia Licensing School 2012-2015
Chair Order of Elders for South Georgia
CFA Budget Chair
Committee on Superintendency
Chair of Wesleyan Christian Advocate Board
Founding Dean of Comprehensive School
Futuring Committee

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I was raised in the local church I now serve. I am a cradle Methodist baptized at Vineville by Dr. Frederick Wilson. I attended summer camps at Epworth by the Sea. I was educated at a Methodist college, Wofford, and a Methodist seminary, Candler. I am Methodist and Wesleyan through and through.

In twenty-eight years of ministry I have served four appointments. In each of those places, I have managed to lead the congregation despite the lack of uniformity of belief, opinion, and practice. Together we have built buildings, developed new ministries and navigated the stormy waters of change. I believe that relationships are the key to leadership. I fear that for many ideology and theology have replaced love. I believe that how we say things is often more important than what we say. I endeavor to lead in such a fashion that even those with whom I disagree don’t feel wrong. For the past 10 years I have invested significant time and energy in fostering authentic friendships among clergy through the S3 program. I was part of the original S3 group that participated in the Lilly program on sustaining pastoral excellence. Over the past fourteen years these men have become brothers to me despite our varying theological beliefs.

I remain open to the work of God among the people called Methodist. I have no doubt that God’s spirit is at work in the world. Whether the future finds us together as presently configured, or in some new form of Methodism, I believe there are missions and ministries worth saving. I offer my administrative gifts, leadership experience, practical approach to ministry, and passion for the church.

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