Nita Crump

Date created: 5/26/2019 Last updated: 5/26/2019

Clergy Delegation Interest Form

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Nita Crump
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Director of Connectional Ministries
Appointments Served
Barney, Associate at Swainsboro First, Mt. Vernon Charge, Roberta/Dixon Charge,
Hawkinsville, Southwest District Superintendent, Director of Connectional Ministries
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
Alternate member of the Committee on Investigation for the SEJ,
multiple SEJ positions due to appointment as DCM,
CF&A, Conference Pensions and Health Benefits, Conference Personnel,
Epworth Trustees, Leadership Forum, Cabinet Representative to Conference Worship and UMW, Board of Ordained Ministry, Transition Team planning for the downsizing from 9 to 6 districts, District Director of COSROW, Director of Crossroads Ministries in Swainsboro, Leader of multiple mission teams (locally and globally)

This statement (300 words or less) could include qualifications, convictions, thoughts on issues, concerns, etc.

Having been baptized in a church that was given its name by Francis Asbury, I have been Methodist all my life. I grew up learning Methodist practices including the study of scripture, the necessity of prayer, accountability in both a person’s and a congregation’s spiritual life, and the joy of singing in worship. I believe, as Wesley did, that scripture contains all that is necessary for salvation and that God’s marvelous grace reaches out to all. I believe that Bishops should be the spiritual leaders of a conference, should uphold the Discipline, and should encourage the faithful to keep Christ as the central focus of all faith practices.

I believe that God is not finished with the people called Methodists. While my hope would be that we remain united as a global church, I recognize that we cannot continue fighting. It’s time to find a degree of separation that allows all of us to return to the mission of reaching the lost, whoever and wherever they are. I am committed to the South Georgia Conference as we consider all options for a future in which we can serve Christ by faithfully serving our communities.

I believe that we need a delegation of persons who will prayerfully consider all options for the future and make decisions that are right for South Georgia. I believe that we need a fresh delegation willing to be more than a one issue delegation and a delegation that reflects the gender and ethnic diversity of the South Georgia Conference. We need a fresh touch of the Spirit as we seek to discern and move into the future God has planned for us. A diverse delegation will bring much to the table as we listen to God and prepare for the future he has planned for us.

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