Anthony McPhail

Date created: 5/3/2019 Last updated: 5/12/2019

Clergy Delegation Interest Form

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Anthony McPhail
Main Contact Phone Number
Current Appointment
Centerville UMC (NC District)
Appointments Served
2011 Martha Bowman, Associate; 2016 Centerville
List of leadership positions served in the Conference and District
University of Georgia Wesley Foundation Board Member (2015-2017)
Conference Council on Finance and Administration (2016-present)
Conference Council on Finance and Administration, Secretary (2017-present)
Licensing School Faculty (2017-present)
GC2019 SGAUMC Communications Team

This statement (300 words or less) could include qualifications, convictions, thoughts on issues, concerns, etc.

Recently I attended a meeting with other young leaders in our conference, and I left with two convictions: we have hope for our future, and we know we need to embrace new ideas for ministry! I believe the same can be said for our global connection; there is hope for the People called Methodists, but we cannot continue to operate like we are currently.

We need to embrace new solutions related to structure and finances. There will likely be many restructuring options presented, each offering opportunities to follow the Holy Spirit into new ways of doing ministry. We also need to address General Church spending. While local churches and annual conferences have adjusted to new realities, the GC budget has not. My prayer is that new solutions can be found without compromising our vital ministries and global reach.

If elected, I will approach being a delegate with a spirit of Holy Conferencing. I believe this begins with listening: to one another and to the Holy Spirit. This pertains to all issues, but especially our most divisive ones. While I will vote to uphold a traditional view of marriage and ordination, I am also committed to listening to other perspectives and prayerfully seeking the best path for all of our churches.

I am running out of a deep love for our conference, and a commitment to its future. As an observer and communications team member for GC2019, I witnessed the importance of relationships across delegations. I left with a belief that for the future of our current denomination and whatever comes next that we need to begin sending capable, young delegates to foster relationships that will be instrumental in shaping the next 20-30 years of Methodism. I would be honored to serve, and to help us live into a hope-filled future.

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